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PDF Generation Tutorials
How to create a PDF with CSS Flexbox How to create a PDF with Custom Fonts How to create a PDF with a Custom Page Size How to create a PDF with a Highcharts Chart How to create a PDF with HTML and JavaScript How to create a PDF with a Image-Based Watermark How to create a PDF with Page Numbers How to create a PDF with Print Protection How to create a PDF with Printer's Marks How to create a PDF with a QR Code How to create a PDF with Rotated Text & Images How to create a PDF with a Table of Contents How to create a PDF with a Text-Based Watermark How to create a PDF with Vector Images Code Example: <canvas> Element Code Example: Automatic Section & Sub-Sectioning Numbering Code Example: ChartJS Code Example: Dynamic Table of Contents Code Example: Google Charts Bar Chart Code Example: Google Charts Geo Chart Code Example: Google Charts Pie Chart Code Example: Google Maps Code Example: Handlebar.js Templates Code Example: Highcharts Line Chart Code Example: Line Clamping with Ellipsis Code Example: Mathjax Code Example: Watermark Code Example: amCharts Code Example: jQuery Data Tables Code Examples: Highcharts Pie Chart
Excel Styling & Troubleshooting
Cell Styling Options Data Formatting: Numbers, Currency, Dates Excel Document Basics Merged Cells Special Characters Worksheet Password
[2012-07-31] Upgraded to Prince 8.1 [2012-09-25] Added HTTP Timeout API Parameter [2013-02-27] Error Notification Account Setting [2013-05-15] New JavaScript Engine [2013-07-11] Upgraded to Prince 9 [2014-04-11] Improved Document Usage Dashboard [2014-04-18] Improved Support for Printed PDF [2014-06-19] Programmatically Request Help with a Document [2014-08-26] Control Image Opacity with CSS [2015-06-26] Upgraded to Prince 10 [2015-08-03] Document Listing API [2015-09-24] Document Retention Setting [2015-11-10] Billing Contacts [2016-03-04] Official Client Libraries [2016-11-03] Pipeline Version Selection [2016-11-21] Pipeline 5 [2017-02-09] Pipeline 6, with Prince 11 [2017-07-31] Pipeline 6 updated to Prince 11.2 [2017-10-18] Additional Document Debugging Tools [2018-10-17] Pipeline 7, with Flexbox and Prince 12 [2020-06-30] Pipelines 1-7 Deprecation [2020-08-04] Hosted Documents Add-On [2020-10-21] Pipeline 8, with CSS Variables and Prince 13 [2021-02-05] Pipeline 9, with color emoji 😉 and Prince 14 [2022-05-02] SOC2 Compliance [2022-07-27] Pipeline 9.2, with Prince 14.3 [2023-06-02] Pipeline 10 and 10.1, with Prince 15 and 15.1 [2023-09-05] HIPAA compliance expanded to all accounts
PDF Styling & Reference
@Page Rule & Page Styling Basics Accessible/Tagged PDFs Annotations & Comments Bookmarks CMYK Colors CSS & Stylesheets Copying Text Content Cross References Delayed Rendering Enabling JavaScript Flexbox & Grid Fonts Footnotes Forms Headers & Footers Inserting Text Content Leaders Links Margins & Bleed Media Queries Metadata Moving HTML Content PDF Profiles PDF-Specific JavaScript Page Breaks Page Floats Page Numbers Page Regions Size, Dimensions, & Orientation
PDF Troubleshooting
"File System Access is Not Allowed" Error Message Assets Fail to Load on Heroku Common Bootstrap 3 Problems Image, CSS or JavaScript file not loading? PDF Document Generation Asset Speed Optimization SSL/TLS Issues Stop Ignoring Asset Loading Errors Troubleshooting JavaScript Frameworks & Charting Libraries Using Modern JavaScript (ES6 / ECMAScript 2015+) with DocRaptor Why doesn't my PDF match my browser print preview? Why doesn’t my PDF print correctly? Working with Prince 12’s New Page Margin Layout
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Security & Privacy
Security, Privacy & Compliance Overview DocRaptor SOC 2 Type 1 Final Report Document Storage: Privacy vs Debugging Assistance GDPR DPA HIPAA Compliance Vulnerability Disclosure Policy