Simplify File Management with Document Hosting

With document hosting, instead of sending you a binary PDF file, we publish your new document at an unbranded URL like We'll host it there for as long as you want or delete it after a specific date or number of downloads.


Streamlined PDF generation for non-developers or those with infrastructure or time constraints

Easy sharing and publishing

Instantly add the document URL to websites, marketing campaigns, and platforms such as Salesforce. Focus on using the PDF, not writing file management code.

No programming required

Hosted documents even allow you to use DocRaptor's HTML-to-PDF API without any programming at all. Try it with automation tools such as Zapier, Tray, and Kotive.

Save on repeated generation

If you need to create the same PDF over and over, a hosted document can save you money. Linking to a hosted document is half the cost of making a new PDF every time.


Pricing is based on your DocRaptor plan level. After the first five downloads, each download of a hosted document costs half of your plan's document creation cost. Additionally, each document incurs a small monthly hosting fee.

Plan Hosting* Per Download†
Basic 1¢ 6¢
Professional 1¢ 4.5¢
Premium 1¢ 3¢
Max 1¢ 1.5¢
Bronze 1¢ 1.33¢
Silver 1¢ 1.25¢
  • * Per document, per month, metered daily
  • † First five downloads are free

Getting Started

Hosted documents take just a single API parameter to create and are available on every DocRaptor plan. To get started, review the instructions and technical limits listed in the Hosted Documents documentation.