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API Reference

DocRaptor makes it easy to convert any webpage you have control over into a document using a simple anchor tag. On your account management page, you can add domains you would like to link to DocRaptor, and requests to DocRaptor to create docs that have that domain as part of their HTTP_REFERER HTTP header will be generated using your account without the need for an API key. Click "domains” after logging in to manage your domains!

Once you've set up your domains, you can make a GET request against:

You can enable JavaScript or any of our PDF Options by using the same parameters as our Document API, but in a query string format.

As an example, you can download a PDF of this page using the below code:

<a href=''>
  Download a PDF

With JavaScript enabled and media set to screen:

<a href='[media]=screen&name=example&type=pdf'>
  Download a PDF

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