Sample Documents

Not sure if you can do your document in DocRaptor? We're pretty sure you can! Here are some great examples.

PDF Invoice

This is the actual code we use for the DocRaptor invoice we send to our awesome customers.

  1. Full Bleed Need cropmarks? Those are easy too!
    Sample.invoice bleed
  2. SVG Embed The logo is an SVG <img> tag. <svg> works too!
    Sample.invoice svg
  3. CSS3 Here, rotations. Need shadows or rounded corners? Easy!
    Sample.invoice css3
  4. Custom Fonts In this case: Myriad Pro.
    Sample.invoice fonts
  5. PDF Footer Move any content into headers or footers, across pages!
    Sample.invoice footer

PDF eBook

We've got many customers that use DocRaptor to generate eBooks on the fly. Here's some of the most important features for them!

  1. Table of Contents Dynamic and linked.
    Sample.ebook toc
  2. Internal Links Link to any place in your document.
    Sample.ebook links
  3. Watermarking On some pages or on every page.
    Sample.ebook watermark
  4. Document Security Passwords, encryption, metadata.
    Sample.ebook security