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We make the impossible easy! Below are example documents highlighting some of DocRaptor's HTML to PDF API's unique functionality, including: page-level styling and orientation, footnotes, CSS-based headers/footers, and more.

Financial Statement

As the most advanced HTML-to-PDF API and the only one backed by Prince, we make complex documents easy.

Different Page Orientations
We're the only API that can vary orientations and headers.
Google Charts & Highcharts
You can delay the rendering until JavaScript is finished.
Advanced CSS Support
Including columns, flexbox, transforms, filters, and more.
Page Numbers
Add page counts wherever you want with CSS.
Password Protection
Hint: the password is "password" ;)

Registration Form

If you'd prefer to register for DocRaptor via a PDF form, this is the document for you! You can submit the form online or print and mail it in.

PDF Form Conversion
Convert HTML into PDF forms with a single line of CSS
Form Submission
Add submit buttons so forms can post directly to your website
CSS Flexbox Support
Our flexbox support lets you easily build forms and other complex layouts
Accessible PDFs
Ensure screen reader compatibility and compliance with WCAG/Section 508 by providing accessible, tagged PDFs

Printed Brochure

This example highlights the DocRaptor and Prince functionality for printed documents. In this case, a segment from a commercial real estate brochure.

CMYK & Automatic Conversion
The only API to support CMYK and color profiles.
Crop & Cross Marks
Automatically include and place print marks.
TIFF Images
Unlike browser-based engines, we support TIFF.
Google Maps
Easily include Google Maps Static Images.


This is the actual code we use for the DocRaptor invoice we send to our awesome customers.

Full Bleed
Need cropmarks? Those are easy too!
SVG Embed
The logo is an SVG <img> tag. <svg> works too!
CSS3 Support
Here, rotations. Need shadows or rounded corners? Easy!
Custom Fonts
In this case: Myriad Pro. But Google and Adobe fonts too!
PDF Footer
Move any content into headers or footers, across pages!

Travel Magazine

Here we use a multi-pass, post-rendering JavaScript loop and advanced CSS to ensure a perfect layout, even with unknown, dynamic content.

Post-Rendering JavaScript
We optimize font sizes and left vs. right page styling by making multiple JavaScript passes.
Top or Bottom Floats
Elements, like these callout sections, can be floated to the top of columns or pages.
CSS Custom Properties
Use CSS variables to simplify your code and make repsonsive documents.
CSS Calculations
Full support for CSS calc() functionality, including CSS custom properties.


This yummy recipe showcases some of DocRaptor and Prince's text and paragraph management abilities.

Automatic Footnotes
Insert and position footnotes with float: footnote
Widow & Orphan Control
Minimum lines before or after page and column break
Text Substitution
As easy as prince-text-replace: "'" "’";
Automatic Page References
Add page and chapter counts to links, like [see Page 19]


We've got many customers that use DocRaptor to generate eBooks on the fly. Here's some of the most important features for them!

Table of Contents
Dynamic and linked.
Internal Links
Link to any place in your document.
On some pages or on every page.
Document Security
Passwords, encryption, metadata.

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