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Code Examples

jQuery & JavaScript

Until all modern browsers support the download link attribute, the most bulletproof way to make an external request with JavaScript that triggers a file download is by constructing a form and submitting it. Here's some example code using that technique to convert dynamically generated HTML into a PDF, using jQuery:

    <script src=""></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
      // this function is based on code found:
      // to easily make a form and POST it
      var download = function(url, data, method){
        //url and data options required
        if( url && data ){
          jQuery('<form style="display: none" id="dr_submission" action="' + url
                 + '" method="' + (method||'post') + '">'
                 + '</form>').appendTo('body');
          jQuery('form#dr_submission').append('<textarea name="user_credentials"></textarea>');
          jQuery('form#dr_submission textarea[name=user_credentials]').val(data.user_credentials);

          //doc values
          for(var key in data.doc) {
            jQuery('form#dr_submission').append('<textarea name="doc['+key+']"></textarea>');
            jQuery('form#dr_submission textarea[name="doc['+key+']"]').val(data.doc[key]);

          //submit the form
          if(confirm("press ok")) {jQuery('form#dr_submission').submit().remove(); }

      // setup the string represeting the html we want to submit
      var content = 'This is a sample PDF created using jQuery. Find more examples of what you can do with DocRaptor <a href=""></a> or contact with any questions.';

      var data = {
        doc: {
          test: true,
          type: 'pdf',
          document_content: content
        user_credentials: "YOUR_API_KEY_HERE"

      var call_download = function() {
        // this drops a form on the page and submits, which will result in a download dialog popping up
        download("", data);
    <input type="button" value="submit" onclick="call_download();" />
We've got a DocRaptor jQuery plugin that you should check out. Examples and usage details can be found on that page.
Note: if you don't want to expose your API key in your client-side JavaScript, check out Referrer-based Document Generation. Also, DocRaptor fully supports the CORS specification, allowing cross-site HTTP requests.

Converting HTML into PDF and XLS documents with jQuery is fast and painless with DocRaptor. Just POST to our Docs API with your HTML content and some required parameters, either as a form serialized string or a JSON object.

Below you’ll find complete examples for jQuery, but our API Reference Guide has all the details about the complete workings of the Docs API.


With DocRaptor, your PDF content is HTML and its style is CSS - things you already know! Even still, it can be difficult to get your PDF to look just right. Check out our Style and Formatting Documentation for everything related getting a perfectly styled PDF!