Advanced HTML-to-Excel API

Many reports and data exports require supporting both PDF and Excel. DocRaptor's HTML-based API makes this easy!

XLS and XLSX from HTML & CSS

Data and styling are defined using standard HTML (formatted as XML) and inline CSS. The API can generate both XLS and XLSX documents.

Multiple Worksheets

Creating multiple worksheets is as simple as including multiple tables within a <tables> element. Worksheet names are defined by the name attribute.

Advanced Date & Number Formatting

Inline style attributes allow for easy formatting, such as style="-xls-format:currency_dollar; color: red; text-align: right".

Merged Cells

Just like standard HTML, you can merge Excel cells through colspan and rowspan attributes, such as <td colspan="2" rowspan="3">.

Read-Only with Password Protection

To create password-protected sheets in read-only mode, just add a password attribute to the <table> element. Individual cell locking can be set with the -xls-locked style.

...and more!

See our Excel API documentation for the complete list of options we support, such as height, width, row freezing, borders, background patterns, and much more.

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