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Hosted Documents

Let DocRaptor store your documents for you!

As a paid add-on , DocRaptor can provide long-term, publicly-accessible hosting for your documents. We'll host the document on your behalf at a completely unbranded URL for as long as you want, or within the limits you specify.

To create a hosted document, simply set the hosted parameter to true when using the HTTP API, or use the hosted document method in of our language-specific libraries.

Unlike regular documents, the output file size is limited to keep hosting affordable. Hosted documents output must be less than 100mb.

By default, we'll permanently host the document, but you can define a download limit or expiration date when you create the document. You can also expire the document at any time through the API or your DocRaptor dashboard.

To remove a hosted document through the interface, visit your documents log, view the desired document, and click "expire this document".

To expire a document through the API, make an authenticated PATCH request to{download_id}.json (or .xml) where {download_id} is the value provided in the original document request. The response will return a 200 status code to let you know that the document was successfully expired.

If DocRaptor encounters an error expiring your document, the response will return a 4XX HTTP status code and a key of errors will be set with an array of values corresponding to the reasons for the failure. An example of this is:

  "errors": [
    "[Invalid Action Error] Requested document cannot be expired."

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