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You just send HTML, JS, and CSS, and you get back beautiful, high quality documents at scale.

  • Uptime guaranteed
  • Unlimited document size
  • Expert support, including document debugging
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Our HTML to PDF API is used by companies big and small


Reliable, Rock Solid Infrastructure

We take care of the infrastructure so you don't have to.

  • Uptime shield@2x

    Uptime Guaranteed

    We guarantee 99.99% uptime, so you know we take things seriously. And if our downtime ever causes you problems, we'll refund you!

  • Throughput graph@2x

    Infinite Throughput

    We've got the infrastructure to handle whatever you throw at us. Need thousands of documents converted per second? We've got you covered!

High Quality PDF Conversion

PDF rendering is tricky, but DocRaptor makes it easy. HTML in, PDF out.

  • Built with Web Standards

    Whatever works in the browser works in DocRaptor:
    HTML, CSS, XML, SVG, JavaScript

  • Custom Fonts & Typography

    DocRaptor handles any custom font as long as it's available via the web. You can even do advanced typography tricks like Kerning, Ligatures, Small Caps

  • Advanced Layout

    Anything you can do with html and css, you can do with DocRaptor:

    • Headers and footers
    • Page numbers
    • Tables, lists, columns, floats
    • Footnotes, cross-references
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Simple, Straightforward Pricing

No license fees, easy monthly plans.

  • Simple monthly pricing

    No licenses or upfront costs. Our plans are based on monthly production documents, regardless of page count or file size.

  • Free Trial

    We know it can take some time to decide if a tool is right for you. You've got a week with DocRaptor to decide.

  • Easy Overages

    You pay a flat fee based on your intended document needs. After that, it's a simple per-document price.

DocRaptor is easy with any programming language!

Our easy-to-read documentation includes sample code in C#, Curl, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, .NET, Node, PHP, Python, Rails, and Ruby. Wrappers and libraries are available for many languages.