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As the only API powered by the Prince HTML-to-PDF engine, DocRaptor provides powerful support for headers, page breaks, page numbers, flexbox, watermarks, accessible PDFs, and much more

Unmatched Scale & Reliability

From small businesses to the Fortune 100, you can rely on us

Uptime Guaranteed
We back our API with a 99.999% uptime guarantee. If you need reliability, DocRaptor is the service you can trust.
Any Size Document
We have no limits on document input or output size (and all documents cost the same, regardless of their size).
Infinite Throughput
Need thousands of documents per day? Our infrastructure can handle any throughput requirements.
DocRaptor is used by companies big and small

High Security, Privacy Focused, Compliance Aware

The DocRaptor team takes the privacy and security of your documents seriously

Full Control of Data Retention
Documents can be deleted immediately upon generation, or stored longer so our support team can assist with you debugging and styling implementation. You have control.
Encrypted at Rest
Document input and output is encrypted with AES encryption when not in use by the conversion processes. We care deeply about maintaining the privacy of your information.
GDPR Compliant
With hundreds of European customers, DocRaptor has a strong track record of meeting all EU regulatory requirements, including GDPR compliance.
Proven Practices
We automatically monitor vulnerability disclosure lists to ensure timely patches. All code changes are rigorously reviewed, and all library dependencies are automatically checked for vulnerabilities.

Free and Easy to Integrate

Our documentation and support make it easy for any developer to integrate DocRaptor

Unlimited Free Test Documents
Every account includes unlimited watermarked test documents. Take your time testing your document content and styling without worrying about extra charges. You can also get help from DocRaptor professionals at any time.
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Code Examples & Libraries
Easy-to-use libraries and code examples are available in every major language, including C#, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, .NET, Node, PHP, Python, Rails, Ruby, and more.
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Debugging Help
Making the perfect document can be tricky. Our support team is happy to help debug your style or implementation problems and our documentation is the best in the industry.
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How DocRaptor Compares

DocRaptor is the best PDF generator for almost every use case

DocRaptor vs. Open Source Libraries

There are several popular free HTML-to-PDF libraries including wkhtmltopdf, PhantomJS, and Chrome Headless / Puppeteer. These tools use the Webkit or Chromium rendering engines, which are designed to display continuously scrolling webpages. In contrast, DocRaptor was built for generating multi-page documents.

This fundamental difference has a tremendous impact on PDF functionality such as page breaks, headers and footers, and variable page sizes. Our conversion engine provides layout and styling options (including CSS Paged Media support) that the open-source PDF engines simply cannot match.

Additionally, as a cloud-based API, we provide professional support, instant scalability, and guaranteed reliability without the costs of long-term maintenance for these libraries and their infrastructure.

DocRaptor vs. Open Source Libraries

There are several enterprise-level conversion software libraries, such as PDFreactor and Prince (DocRaptor uses PrinceXML for PDF generation). These engines create excellent PDF documents.

As an alternative to self-hosting these commercial libraries, DocRaptor offers a much lower price point and provides immediate scalability and reliability. Generating any significant volume of documents typically requires multiple servers, queue management, and other infrastructure—DocRaptor handles all this maintenance and overhead so you don’t have to.

There are also many inexpensive HTML to PDF API services that, at a glance, look very similar to DocRaptor, but they all use open-source, browser-based libraries. As a result, they also suffer from those library’s layout issues and limited functionality. As an official partner of Prince, DocRaptor provides only the highest-quality PDF generation.

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