Prince + DocRaptor

Prince is a commercial HTML-to-PDF application and an integral part of DocRaptor's PDF conversion process. Our API seamlessly combines Prince with our JavaScript preprocessing engine and advanced debugging tools.

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Why Prince?

We chose Prince because it provides more features and generates higher-quality PDFs than any other library we tried. YesLogic, Prince's creator, pioneered CSS and HTML-based publishing technology with the first release of PrinceXML in 2003 and has been leading the category ever since.

Håkon Wium Lie, the inventor of CSS and CTO of Opera, serves as Chairman of YesLogic. Håkon also wrote the first CSS Paged Media W3C specifications which enable much of Prince and DocRaptor’s unique HTML-to-PDF functionality.

Additionally, Prince has expanded beyond standard CSS and JavaScript to create PDF-specific JavaScript methods for accessing page numbers, creating PDF actions, defining metadata, adding post-rendering callbacks, and much more.

Prince Availability & Licensing

Prince distributions are available on Windows, Linux, and Mac, with wrappers for ActiveX, C#, Java, NodeJS, PHP, and Ruby on Rails.

Prince is free for non-commercial and trial use, but there is a Prince logo on the corner of the first page. An unwatermarked commercial service license starts at $2,500/year, including support and upgrades.

Prince or DocRaptor?

With our API-based service, DocRaptor provides two key differences from Prince:

  • Lower Starting Price: DocRaptor pricing starts at $15/mo.
  • Easy Scalability and Reliability: DocRaptor provides immediate reliability and scale with a 99.999% uptime guarantee. Prince license fees aside, DocRaptor is faster and less expensive than building and maintaining similar resiliency with an internal team.

Conversely, using Prince directly has several advantages over DocRaptor:

  • Fixed Cost: With Prince, the cost (excluding upgrades) is a fixed, one-time payment. DocRaptor pricing scales up or down based on your PDF needs, but the costs are ongoing.
  • Local Control: DocRaptor is SOC2 and HIPAA compliant with strong security contols and flexible privacy options, but if you are restricted from using third-party services, Prince is the best HTML-to-PDF solution available.

If you'd prefer to do more research, we have a list of PrinceXML alternatives, but we really think Prince is the best!

Prince Versions We Support

We currently support Prince 11.4, Prince 12.5, Prince 13.5, Prince 14.1, Prince 14.3, Prince 15, and Prince 15.1. We quickly add new versions of Prince whenever they are released. Our Pipeline versioning lets you test new Prince versions without affecting your existing generation process.

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