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[2021-02-05] Pipeline 9, with color emoji 😉 and Prince 14

Today, we’re releasing Pipeline 9 with support for Prince 14, a major upgrade to our HTML-to-PDF conversion engine. As a reminder, to avoid any breaking changes, we never automatically upgrade your documents. Existing users will need to test and upgrade to Pipeline 9 in order to use Prince 14.

You can change your default pipeline in your account settings page or via the pipeline parameter in your API calls. Using the account setting is convenient, while the API parameter lets you test individual documents before upgrading your entire account. Pipelines often contain breaking changes, so we strongly recommend reviewing the release notes and testing your documents before changing your settings.

Some of Prince 14’s changes include:

  • Color emoji support

  • Support for CSS calc() expressions

  • New column and page float features

  • Multipass formatting with JavaScript

  • Custom page counters

  • New font-variant properties for ligatures and numeric features

  • OpenType shaping for Syriac script

  • A new max_passes prince option to limit multipass functionality

  • A new allow_copy_for_accessibility prince option

  • A new allow_assembly prince option

A full list of changes and fixes are available in Prince’s release notes.

Try it out today and let us know what you think at And if there are other new features you need, don’t hesitate to ask.

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