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Document Storage: Privacy vs Debugging Assistance

In your account settings, you can select a data retention time, from a week to an option that retains your data for as short a period as practical. The “as short as possible” option will delete your document input as soon as it is consumed, and your finished document as soon as it is downloaded, or after 15 minutes if it is not downloaded.

It may seem like setting it to “as short as possible” is the best option, but you may want the longer retention settings because it helps us debug any document problems you may have. We are committed to providing perfect documents, every time, and are standing by to help you achieve that result. If you experience any problem with a document – from a failure to load assets to a style that isn’t quite right, we encourage you to use our help request feature. If you are using “as short as possible”, you will not be able to access this feature, because your data will already be gone from our system. If you do not create a help request, we are unable to see your document – our support team can only access documents that have been flagged via a Help Request.

Unless you have a use case that requires the highest possible security, we encourage you to use a longer data retention time, especially while you are in development, so that we can provide better support. A longer retention time also gives you more time to retrieve your finished documents. Your documents are always encrypted while they are on our servers, and we continue to be committed to keeping your data absolutely secure.

To select your data retention time, simply log in to DocRaptor and go to your settings page.

Then select the time that best meets your needs:

Now the control is in your hands!

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