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[2018-10-17] Pipeline 7, with Flexbox and Prince 12

Today, we’re releasing Pipeline 7 with support for Prince 12, a major upgrade to our HTML-to-PDF conversion engine. As a reminder, to avoid any breaking changes, we never automatically upgrade your documents. Existing users will need to test and upgrade to Pipeline 7 in order to use Prince 12.

You can change your default pipeline in your account settings page, or via the pipeline parameter in your API calls. Using the account setting is convenient, while the API parameter lets you test individual documents before upgrading your entire account. Pipelines often contain breaking changes, so we strongly recommend reviewing the release notes and testing your documents before changing your settings.

Some of Prince 12’s changes include:

  • Support for CSS flexbox layout

  • Stricter page margin behavior (we’ve published a guide for handling issues related to this change)

  • Support for tagged PDFs (via the PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-3, and PDF/UA-1 profiles)

  • Support for the :checked, :disabled, :enabled, :read-only, and :read-write selectors.

  • Support for multiple chained actions for the prince-pdf-open-action property

  • Support for combined PDF/A-1a+PDF/UA-1 and PDF/A-3a+PDF/UA-1 files.

  • Fixed issues affecting CSS clearfix techniques that cross page breaks.

  • Fixed some issues affecting CSS clearfix techniques that don’t cross page breaks.

  • Fixed some bugs with table minmax width calculation.

  • Fixed margin collapsing bugs involving percentage height and min-height values.

A full list of changes and fixes are available in Prince’s release notes.

Other changes included in Pipeline 7 include:

  • ignore_console_messages is now enabled by default. Prior to Pipeline 7, this setting was disabled by default.

  • Relative path assets without a base URL (e.g. “/images/logo.png”) now result in a document failure. Previously, malformed URLs were merely logged in the document log. This should make asset failures more obvious while developing your documents.

Try it out today and let us know what you think at And if there are other new features you need, don’t hesitate to ask.

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