DocRaptor vs PDFreactor

PDFreactor is a fantastic HTML to PDF engine, and provides several features that DocRaptor does not yet support. However, DocRaptor has an entirely different pricing and delivery model that many organizations find a better fit. Below are some important differences between DocRaptor and PDFreactor.

  1. Do you want PDF thumbnails, or digital signatures? If so, PDFreactor is your best option. DocRaptor does not yet support these features. Winner: pdfreactor
  2. How important is high-availability or high-volume generation? Can you risk slowing down your entire application because of a few PDFs?
    PDF generation is the equivalent of running a full HTML browser engine on your server, requiring significantly more resources than a standard web application request. This can be especially troublesome when handling multiple simultaneous PDF creation requests. Many applications require dedicated PDF generation servers and infrastructure. When you choose DocRaptor, you’re getting access to reliable PDF creation infrastructure without slowing down your application. Winner: DocRaptor
  3. Do you want assistance with debugging documents? Creating PDFs, especially those destined for printing, is quite different than creating a web page. DocRaptor’s support includes document debugging for those moments when you need a extra hand. We’ve helped thousands of businesses generate high quality documents, and we’d love to help you too. Winner: DocRaptor
  4. Would you also like Excel documents? In addition to PDFs, DocRaptor can also create XLS or XLSX files from HTML. Winner: DocRaptor
  5. Have you considered the long-term, total cost of ownership? You should compare the cost of support, setup and maintenance of using PDFreactor vs DocRaptor. The results may surprise you, especially when you need high-availability and the redundancy of multiple servers. Winner: DocRaptor (in most cases, but not always)

We hope this document helps. If you have further questions, please leave a comment or email!

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