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[2016-11-03] Pipeline Version Selection

When we started DocRaptor over 6 years ago, we made the simplest thing that could possibly work. It solved our need for easily producing consistently beautiful documents and it gave us the chance to see if other people also had this problem. It turns out lots of people did :)

Over the years, DocRaptor has become more complex internally. We’ve added code here and there to smooth out lots of bumps in the document creation process, while making sure to keep the consistent quality and simple interface that make DocRaptor the best choice for HTML to PDF and XLS(X) conversion.

Today, we’re proud to introduce DocRaptor Pipeline selection. Before, you could choose your Prince version with the guarantee that every other part of the DocRaptor Pipeline would stay the same. We have plans for big upgrades to all the extra internals that make DocRaptor easy to use, but some of those changes could disrupt customers with long-standing implementations. Rather than foist these upgrades upon everyone at once, selecting your DocRaptor Pipeline allows you to choose not only your Prince version but also locks in all the other parts of DocRaptor to the specific version and behavior you’re used to.

If you’re a customer today, there’s nothing you need to do. Your account has already been set to the DocRaptor Pipeline you’re currently using. If you’re using the Prince version parameter, we’ll automatically translate that to the appropriate DocRaptor Pipeline during this transition.

You can always see your default Pipeline by looking at your account settings. If you’re not using the latest version, try out the new hotness by using the pipeline API parameter. When your docs look good, switch your account, and take advantage of the latest features, including such wonders as parallel asset fetching which can speed up your PDF generation!

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