It's easy to create a PDF form, where the form fields are fillable in the PDF viewer, with DocRaptor and our PDF generator partner, Prince.

To convert your HTML form elements into a PDF form, add this CSS:

/* convert every form element */
input, select option { 
  -prince-pdf-form: enable; 

Or you can target specific forms or elements:

/* convert elements on a specific form */
form#register input, form#register select option {
  -prince-pdf-form: enable; 

DocRaptor also supports form submit and reset button actions, but only some PDF viewers may support these actions.

PDF form creation is possible through custom CSS properties supported only by Prince and DocRaptor. This functionality is not part of the HTML standard. PDF forms are unavailable in the browser Print to PDF menu or browser-based HTML to PDF generators, such as wkhtmltopdf or Puppeteer-based converters. Yet another reason why DocRaptor is the most powerful HTML to PDF API.

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