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[2020-08-04] Hosted Documents Add-On

We’ve recently launched a significant new upgrade to DocRaptor: document hosting!

Until now, DocRaptor’s HTML-to-PDF API returns a file that you are responsible for storing or sharing. With hosted documents, we’ll store and host the document on your behalf at a completely unbranded URL for as long as you want us to, or within the limits you specify.

This publicly-accessible URL makes it easy for you to include links to documents in emails, integrate with other services like Salesforce, or even include in an entire workflow system by generating PDFs with Zapier. Hosted documents may also provide cost savings when you’re generating many duplicate documents with DocRaptor.

Hosted documents are entirely optional, but do have additional costs and limits. In addition to the standard document generation charge, there’s a per-download cost and a monthly hosting cost. The per-download cost is 50% of the overage charge for your DocRaptor plan, and the hosting price is just 1¢ per month per document (calculated on a daily basis). Additional details are available in the Hosted Documents Documentation or our Pricing & Billing page.

To create a hosted document, simply use create_hosted_doc() call in your desired agent or set the hosted parameter to true in your HTTP API call. When done, we’ll return a JSON object with the URL instead of the file. If you’d like, you can define a max number of downloads or an expiration date. Whenever you’d like to remove a hosted document, just send us another API call or delete it in the interface.

If you have any questions about hosted documents or how to create them, please give us a shout at Enjoy!

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