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[2013-05-15] New JavaScript Engine

So maybe you want to use Javascript to spice up your PDFs prior to generating them. Many of our users need to generate PDF documents with more complicated output than HTML and CSS support. DocRaptor’s Javascript support to the rescue! Running arbitrary Javascript in your document prior to creating it is incredibly simple.

Take a look at this file, for example. You’ll notice it’s mostly Javascript (over 1600 lines of Javascript, in fact) and it produces a QR code you can scan to be taken to DocRaptor’s site.

The bulk of the Javascript allows for the creation of the code, and this line near the bottom of the script determines where the code sends a user:


You can change this to be any site you wish, and the QR code will automatically update.

Getting DocRaptor to run any Javascripts prior to generating your PDF is easy. Simply pass this optional parameter prior to creation: Running Javascript in DocRaptor

By setting another parameter, you can use Prince’s built-in Javascript engine. Prince provides documentation for several useful Javascripts, such as getting a total count of pages in a PDF or generating tables of contents. You can see an entire list of these Javascripts here: List of Prince Javascripts

To use Prince’s built-in Javascript engine, you’ll need to pass this parameter when creating a PDF using DocRaptor: Prince Javascripts in DocRaptor

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