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How Overage Works

Every DocRaptor plan includes a monthly quota of documents. The Professional Plan, for example, comes with 325 documents. But what happens when you go over that limit?

We'd never want your document generation to unexpectedly stop working, which is why every plan also comes with a price-per-doc for overage. For the Professional Plan, that is 9 cents. That means for every doc over the plan limit of 325 during a given billing cycle will be billed at 9 cents.

Here's the current overage cost for our plans:

  • Basic: 12 cents

  • Professional: 9 cents

  • Premium: 6 cents

  • Max: 3 cents

  • Bronze: 2.66 cents

  • Silver: 2.5 cents

  • Gold: 2.25 cents

Will you upgrade my account to the next plan automatically?

No. We don't think it's right to change your monthly commitment without your knowledge, even if your usage right now might justify it.

Rest assured that we send multiple emails as you approach and reach your plan limits, so you should have plenty of time to react!

I messed up and made a bunch of documents!

Did a test script run amok? Did a bot find your form? We understand, it happens. If you've accidentally made a bunch of documents, please contact us. We're happy to help out!

Heroku Plan

Due to billing limitations on Heroku, our Heroku plans do not include overage. That means we will stop document generation once you've used up your monthly quota. We'll email you as you approach and reach the limit, so you should have plenty of time to react.

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