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Size, Dimensions, & Orientation

By default, PDFs are created in US-Letter size (8.5in vs 11in) with a portrait orientation. This can be easily changed through CSS rules on the @page element:

// set to standard A4 size
@page { size: A4 }

// set to A4 in landscape orientation
@page { size: A4 landscape }

// set to custom size
@page { size: 22cm 24cm }
@page { size: 12in 14in }

Here's a list of all the included page sizes available in DocRaptor and their pixel dimensions (at the default DPI of 96 pixels per inch):

  • US-Letter: 8.5in x 11.0in (816px x 1056px)

  • US-Legal: 8.5in x 14.0in (816px x 1344px)

  • US-Executive: 7.25in x 10.5in (696px x 1008px)

  • US-Ledger: 17.0in x 11.0in (1632px x 1056px)

  • US-Tabloid: 11.0in x 17.0in (1056px x 1632px)

  • US-Government: 8.0in x 11.0in (768px x 1056px)

  • US-Statement: 5.5in x 8.5in (528px x 816px)

  • US-Folio: 8.5in x 13.0in (816px x 1248px)

  • A0: 841mm x 1189mm (3179px x 4494px)

  • A1: 594mm x 841mm (2245px x 3179px)

  • A2: 420mm x 594mm (1587px x 2245px)

  • A3: 297mm x 420mm (1123px x 1587px)

  • A4: 210mm x 297mm (794px x 1123px)

  • A5: 148mm x 210mm (559px x 794px)

  • A6: 105mm x 148mm (397px x 559px)

  • A7: 74mm x 105mm (280px x 397px)

  • A8: 52mm x 74mm (197px x 280px)

  • A9: 37mm x 52mm (140px x 197px)

  • A10: 26mm x 37mm (98px x 140px)

  • B0: 1000mm x 1414mm (3780px x 5344px)

  • B1: 707mm x 1000mm (2672px x 3780px)

  • B2: 500mm x 707mm (1890px x 2672px)

  • B3: 353mm x 500mm (1334px x 1890px)

  • B4: 250mm x 353mm (945px x 1334px)

  • B5: 176mm x 250mm (665px x 945px)

  • B6: 125mm x 176mm (472px x 665px)

  • B7: 88mm x 125mm (333px x 472px)

  • B8: 62mm x 88mm (234px x 333px)

  • B9: 44mm x 62mm (166px x 234px)

  • B10: 31mm x 44mm (117px x 166px)

  • C0: 917mm x 1297mm (3466px x 4902px)

  • C1: 648mm x 917mm (2449px x 3466px)

  • C2: 458mm x 648mm (1731px x 2449px)

  • C3: 324mm x 458mm (1225px x 1731px)

  • C4: 229mm x 324mm (866px x 1225px)

  • C5: 162mm x 229mm (612px x 866px)

  • C6: 114mm x 162mm (431px x 612px)

  • C7: 81mm x 114mm (306px x 431px)

  • C8: 57mm x 81mm (215px x 306px)

  • C9: 40mm x 57mm (151px x 215px)

  • C10: 28mm x 40mm (106px x 151px)

  • id-1: 85.60mm x 53.98mm (324px x 204px)

  • id-2: 105.0mm x 74.0mm (397px x 280px)

  • id-3: 125.0mm x 88.0mm (472px x 0px)

  • ansi-a: 8.5in x 11.0in (816px x 1056px)

  • ansi-b: 11.0in x 17.0in (1056px x 1632px)

  • ansi-c: 17.0in x 22.0in (1632px x 2112px)

  • ansi-d: 22.0in x 34.0in (2112px x 3264px)

  • ansi-e: 34.0in x 44.0in (3264px x 4224px)

  • arch-a: 9.0in x 12.0in (864px x 1152px)

  • arch-b: 12.0in x 18.0in (1152px x 1728px)

  • arch-c: 18.0in x 24.0in (1728px x 2304px)

  • arch-d: 24.0in x 36.0in (2304px x 3456px)

  • arch-e1: 30.0in x 42.0in (2880px x 4032px)

  • arch-e: 36.0in x 48.0in (3456px x 4608px)

  • imperial-folio: 15.0in x 22.0in (1440px x 2112px)

  • imperial-quarto: 11.0in x 15.0in (1056px x 1440px)

  • imperial-octavo: 7.5in x 11.0in (720px x 1056px)

  • royal-folio: 12.5in x 20.0in (1200px x 1920px)

  • royal-quarto: 10.0in x 12.5in (960px x 1200px)

  • royal-octavo: 6.25in x 10.0in (600px x 960px)

  • crown-folio: 10.0in x 15.0in (960px x 1440px)

  • crown-quarto: 7.5in x 10.0in (720px x 960px)

  • crown-octavo: 5.0in x 7.5in (480px x 720px)

  • foolscap-folio: 8.5in x 13.5in (816px x 1296px)

  • foolscap-quarto: 6.75in x 8.5in (648px x 816px)

  • foolscap-octavo: 4.25in x 6.75in (408px x 648px)

  • medium-quarto: 9.0in x 11.5in (864px x 1104px)

  • demy-quarto: 8.75in x 11.25in (840px x 1080px)

  • demy-octavo: 5.625in x 8.75in (540px x 840px)

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