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[2016-11-21] Pipeline 5

As part of DocRaptor’s ongoing quest to make HTML to PDF and HTML to XLS(X) as easy as possible, we recently released the new DocRaptor Pipeline promising it would smooth upcoming feature releases. Here’s one of those promised feature releases!

What’s New?

Pipeline 5, the latest version of the DocRaptor Pipeline, is a big upgrade to our javascript processing. We’ve added support for a number of new and popular DocRaptor use cases including:

  • SVG clipping – If you haven’t used it before, clipping allows you to hide portions of an element. It’s a great way to reuse the same image asset without having to specifically edit it into the right shape for each occasion. Sound awesome? Check out this example.

  • Improved Google Charts support – We’ve supported Google Charts for many years. When Google announced the new “frozen” Charts API, we were excited about the opportunity to stick with a specific version of Charts without worrying about problems with new releases (much like the DocRaptor Pipeline). Unfortunately, Frozen Charts didn’t work with DocRaptor causing frowns and frustration. No more! Whatever syntax you’re using, we’ve got your back. Check out our examples for pie and bar charts.

  • SNI Support – Over the last year, many asset hosting companies have started promoting the use of SNI. While there are plenty of workarounds, our improved SNI support will keep things running smoothly for you behind the scenes.

How do I upgrade?

If you signed up for DocRaptor after the release, you’re automatically on the newest version available.

If you need to upgrade from an older version, we strongly recommend testing on a per-document basis by using the pipeline parameter. Our improvements may be better overall, but they might also change the way your documents look. We do extensive testing to avoid regressions, but if you do find something please tell any of our support channels.

There are a few changes to be aware of when upgrading from older versions

  • Mixed content is disallowed. If your document is hosted over SSL, check your assets (particularly from other services like webfonts) and make sure they’re secure.

  • If you’re using cookies in your javascript, make sure to provide the baseurl parameter or the document will fail with a security warning.

When you’re ready, you can make the upgrade your new default by changing your account settings.

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