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Excel Styling & Troubleshooting

Excel Document Basics

To make an Excel file with DocRaptor, your document content should only contain tables. Here is example input of a basic, single worksheet file.

Use CSS to style cells, rows, and the entire table using inline style attributes:

<table name="Example Worksheet">
  <tr style="font-size: 16px">
    <td colspan="2">Big Row</td>
    <td style="color: blue">Blue Cell</td>
    <td style="-xls-format:currency_dollar">1000</td>

Note: DocRaptor doesn't support writing CSS <style> blocks. You must use inline styles.

Multiple Worksheets

To make an XLS file with more than one worksheet, just send multiple tables, wrapped in a <tables> tag. With the following input:

  <table name="Dino Scale">
  <table name="Dino Budget">

This will be your output:

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