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[2012-07-31] Upgraded to Prince 8.1

Prince 8.1 provides better CSS support, which means DocRaptor produces even better PDFs. Prince 8.1 is faster than our current installation of Prince 7.1, and supports CSS3 transforms and has experimental support for HTML5.

For a full list of the changes, check out the change log on Prince XML’s home page:

Prince 8.1 change set

A bit worried about Prince 8.1 breaking your Prince 7.1 layouts? Never fear! We are running both Prince 7.1 and Prince 8.1 side by side, which means you can still use Prince 7.1 to generate documents if you prefer.

All new DocRaptor accounts will default to Prince 8.1, while all existing accounts will default to Prince 7.1. You can change this setting for all documents you create, or set it per document. Here’s a screenshot showing how to set this parameter globally:

You can use our new Prince version API parameter to select which version of Prince you want to use for each document.

In the near future, we’ll provide improved support for Javascript DOM properties, but this feature has not been implemented with this update.

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