Making PDF Documents with Kotive

DocRaptor is available as a task within Kotive workflows! Kotive enables anyone – including non-technical people – to automate and control the flow of tasks within their business. Setting up your document does require some HTML knowledge, and you’ll be limited to making PDFs based on other Kotive integrations, but you no longer need to be a programmer to create basic PDFs with DocRaptor.

It’s Easy to Get Started The Kotive DocRaptor documentation covers the entire setup process: Add DocRaptor as a task, connect your DocRaptor account, copy & paste your HTML template that will be used to render the PDF/Excel document, and insert dynamic field tags to pull-in information from fields in earlier tasks.

The result? Automatically generate a beautiful, high quality PDF or Excel document as part of your business process!

How Other Organizations are Using Kotive and DocRaptor

  • A company offers 60+ training workshops that people register for online. The tasks flow from registration, to invoicing, to payment confirmation and recording of attendance, and end with the issuing of a personalized PDF certificate.

  • A preschool continually evaluates its children on the development of different skill sets. At the end of the year, this evaluation is presented in a formal PDF report that is emailed to the parents.

  • A company’s human resources department and management separately review the performance of employees on a quarterly basis. Each employee’s review is amalgamated into a PDF report and emailed to the employee and her manager.

Get Started for Free Kotive’s free plan allows unlimited workflows with up to 1 user and 3 task types. Add DocRaptor as a task to your Kotive taskflow today!

Ready to get started? Try DocRaptor for free with unlimited test documents.