Making PDF Documents with Drupal

Creating PDFs with Drupal is effortless with the DocRaptor Drupal PDF add-on for the Print module. DocRaptor is a commercial HTML to PDF API built specifically for making PDFs. Advantages of using DocRaptor over using open-source libraries include:

  • Support & Document Log: PDF generation is tricky, especially with parsing engines that are designed for making web pages, not PDFs. DocRaptor support will help you debug any styling issues and our built-in logging makes it easy to detect problems with HTML parsing or Javascript execution.

  • Maintenance Free: wkhtmltopdf and other open-source libraries are notoriously fickle to install and maintain. DocRaptor has guaranteed uptime, unlimited throughput, and never requires any maintenance.

  • Document Quality & Size: Generally speaking, DocRaptor will create smaller files than wkhtmltopdf or other WebKit-based projects, especially with more complex or larger documents.

  • CSS Paged Media Support: Page numbers, headers and footers, and customized page sizes can be added right in your CSS.

The DocRaptor API is used in many different projects including:

  • Invoices & Estimates

  • Reports (we support JavaScript charts)

  • Brochures (we support custom web fonts)

  • eBooks (hundred of pages? lots of images? no problem!)

We also owe a big thanks to Colorado Springs-based Monarch Digital. They built and support the DocRaptor Drupal PDF add-on for their own usage, but have opened it up to the larger Drupal community. If you need any assistance with Drupal websites, look them up.

Ready to get started? Try DocRaptor for free with unlimited test documents.